Wimbledon is approaching, and with it comes the opportunity to win a ton of money by participating in some Wimbledon betting. With the right approach, the most exciting fortnight in tennis can be an extremely profitable one for you. Consult these tips to increase your chances of winning at Wimbledon, and to raise your level the same way the sport’s biggest stars do at the All England Club.

Focus On Grass Court Stats


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Grass is such a unique surface, in that it benefits a specific type of player more than clay or hard courts do. In particular, big serving players tend to benefit from the conditions that grass courts provide. For this reason, you need to look into which players tend to do best on grass courts, and see which players have historically done well at Wimbledon in particular.

In addition to big servers, players who are able to serve and volley tend to have success on grass courts. Due to the lower bounce of the ball on grass than you’d see on hard courts, players have to hit the ball higher while returning, allowing players to get to the net and hit easy winners. Watching for a player’s tendencies to see if this is a part of their game is a big step toward doing well when engaged in Wimbledon betting.

Of course, knowing the conditions of the grass that is being played on is important in terms of finding out just how big an advantage some players will have. In recent years, the ball has been slowed down on the grass surface due to evolution in the way the surface is maintained as well as the rackets and balls in use. That combination could level the playing field somewhat, but you just never know until you get into a tournament and see how the court plays.

So when looking at statistics for each player during your Wimbledon betting, be sure to see what their average serve speed is like, what percentage of their first serves they are landing in play, and what percentage of first serve points they are winning. On a pro-server surface like grass, these are even more important metrics than usual.

Don’t Be Fooled By Clay Court Season

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Every year, excellent clay court players come out of clay court season looking like a million bucks, only to fall apart once it’s time for them to start playing on grass. Whatever you do, don’t fall into the trap of betting on players whose best surface is clay once it’s time to step into Wimbledon betting season. Not only will they be a poor value, but they tend to not fit into the categories that make for a great grass court player.

A great example of this thought process was Stan Wawrinka in 2016. Wawrinka is a strong clay court player, as his ability to sting backhands all over the court makes him tough to beat on clay. But his skills don’t necessarily translate to grass court action, as evidenced by his performance at Wimbledon. While he did get a tough second round draw, as he had to play the excellent Juan Martin Del Potro, Wawrinka was dispatched of with relative ease, as Del Potro was able to move on as an unseeded player on the road to recovery from injury.

Look Out For Home Court Advantage

It’s obvious that English tennis fans flock to Wimbledon, and sit on Henman Hill in hopes of seeing their countrymen and women claim the championships. While England definitely has one elite player capable of winning any tournament, they also have some younger talents who may be capable of making some noise in the draw with an entire nation supporting them.

That elite talent, of course, is Andy Murray, who has won Wimbledon on multiple occasions. Murray is sure to be a big favorite in most of, if not all, of his matches. Being a heavy favorite would make him a poor value play on the moneyline, but could open up some possibilities to win while backing him against the spread, either in terms of service games or number of sets won.

Beyond Murray, Kyle Edmund has been a strong player this season, and should benefit nicely from the boost of being supported by his fellow Brits. Whether by virtue of getting more qualifier entries in Grand Slams or just being propelled by the support of local crowds, players from the host nations of Grand Slam tournaments tend to fare well. The key is to find some that will offer nice payouts and back them when their matchups are favorable.

Where To Bet On Wimbledon

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As far as where to bet on Wimbledon is concerned, it’s hard to go wrong. With Wimbledon being a Grand Slam tournament, there will be odds available for every match. But if you’re looking for a place to bet on Wimbledon with great live betting action in addition to pre-match odds, Bet365 is where you want to be.

Bet365 is unmatched in terms of their ability to deliver both traditional and live Wimbledon betting. Their live betting interface offers live streaming capabilities, as well as visualizations of the action that include statistical infographics and constantly updating live odds to wager on, whether the match you’re looking to bet on is on center court or on the most obscure side court imaginable.

With a wide open field, it will be interesting to see who is able to ascend to the top at Wimbledon. This could be a great opportunity for a new face to emerge as one of the sport’s most dominant star. The question now is if you can pick that emerging star out and make successful wagers on them throughout the tournament to run up your bankroll before their star status makes it more expensive to back them in their matches in the future. After all, Wimbledon betting, just like any other kind of sports betting, is about recognizing trends and determining who is on their way to greatness before they get there.