If you are looking to bet on tennis, but aren’t sure as to who to bet on, tennis betting tips could be for you. Tennis betting tips are a great way to get a second opinion on a match you are hoping to win a wager on, helping you to see the match from another point of view to eliminate any biases and help you place the best possible bets.

There are a ton of providers of tennis betting tips, so the question becomes what to look for when you are choosing the tennis betting tips providers that you are going to put your trust in going forward. As with any tennis betting decision, there are a number of factors to consider, and you must consider all of them to avoid going with a tennis betting tipster that will not help you to provide long term success.

Look At Long Term Records

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So many people who provide tennis betting tips are not worthy of your attention. In an industry where a long term track record of winning is the goal, many tipsters do not measure up. The first thing you should do when selecting a tennis betting tipster is to look at their long term results. This will verify to you whether or not they have the level of success that will help you to achieve the same desired results en route to a profitable series of wagers.

On the flip side, most tipsters can be dismissed rather easily when they tout their short term results to prospective clients. While winning nine of their last ten bets is impressive, it doesn’t mean anything if the tipster only wins two of their next ten. By examining a tipster’s long term results, you are making sure that small sample sizes won’t get in the way of a profitable strategy over the long haul. If there isn’t a way to verify a tipster’s long term records, ask them to help you do so. If they refuse, or things seem fishy, you know that you can run away as they are illegitimate.

In addition to records over the course of their tennis betting tips career, find out what the average odds are for the bets that any prospective tipster is recommending. If a tipster is recommending betting on big favorites frequently, they will have a higher win percentage, but will need to maintain that high winning percentage to earn a profit.

Conversely, if your tipster of choice likes to play underdogs, they can get away with a lower win rate and their bets will require a lower risk than someone who chooses to wager on favorites, just make sure that win rate is still enough for you to meet your profit goals.

Think Before You Pay


There are debates everywhere about using a paid tennis betting tips service. If you do choose to use a paid service, keep in mind that you will need to win at a rate that not only helps you to beat the sportsbook you’re using, but you’ll need to win at a rate that allows you to pay any fees to your tipster of choice as well. That could make the amount you are required to win harder than usual, and is something to remember before you choose any tennis betting tips service.

And before you agree to pay for anything, be sure to do the research detailed above and take your time to ensure that you are making the best decision for you. As soon as you indicate that you may be interested in a tipster, you are going to hear from them. They are part-predictor and part-salesperson. It is their job to get you to buy from them, and part of that job includes putting a little pressure on you. Don’t let that pressure impact your decision making. If you determine that a tipster is a good investment, then use them on your terms. If not, then don’t.

Look At A Tipster’s Trends

When you are placing a bet on a tennis player, it is smart to look up any trends related to that player to make sure that you are doing the smartest thing you can with your bankroll. When it comes to tennis betting tips, you want to see what kind of trends unfold when you look at a tipster’s history of giving out tennis betting selections.

For example, does your tipster really like playing favorites, which would require you to lay down money to win on the moneyline or lay service games against the spread? Do they consistently bet over or under on the totals? If they are consistently on one side of a specific type of wager, how do they do on those bets? Knowing these things ahead of time is crucial to bettors, to see how a tipster’s tendencies mesh with a bettor’s strengths and weaknesses.

Trust Your Judgement

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Sports betting is all about exercising good judgement. It requires you to manage your bankroll properly, and to know when the best times are to pull the trigger on a specific bet. In a similar vein, it’s imperative to use your best judgement when evaluating and trusting tennis betting tips providers. Even if they are the person who brings a unique knowledge of tennis, it is still your bankroll and your choice as to how you want to go about doing business with them.

Overall, tennis betting tips can be very beneficial to tennis bettors looking to take their game to the next level. But there are plenty of reasons to be skeptical of tipsters, and that healthy skepticism is essential to vetting tipsters and making sure that you are making the best possible decisions to enhance your own tennis betting. If both you and your tipster of choice shows that they are able to treat tennis betting like a marathon and not a sprint, it is more than possible for you to have success, but make sure you do your homework first.