Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world to bet on, and it isn’t hard to see why. Not only are there players representing countries all over the world at the top tier of the sport, but due to the touring schedule of tennis, there are matches on for most of the day and night depending on what time of the year it is. So with so many chances to get action in on tennis, it is important to develop a tennis betting system with bonus that will help you ensure profitability over the course of many years.

Picking Your Tournaments


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One of the most important aspects of any tennis betting system is knowing how to pick your spots. If you bet on too many things, you risk wagering without having full knowledge of what you are dealing with, which can lead to unnecessary losses, which can hurt your bottom line. For this reason, picking groups of tournaments that you want to bet on is a smart way to avoid betting on too many competitions and hurting yourself before you even place a bet.

In tennis, there are four Grand Slam tournaments, and nine tournaments just below those four that are worth 1,000 ATP series points. These 13 tournaments comprise the competitions that players will try their hardest to win, as they come with the largest prize pools and the highest amount of points that will help a player’s world ranking, which can help the players financially as well.

Besides those 13 tournaments, keep an eye on smaller tournaments that are just before Grand Slam events. Some players tend to do very well in these tune-up tournaments, while others look like they are packing it in and just focusing on the Grand Slams themselves. Be sure to look at a player’s history in these tune-up tournaments, as knowing that history can be a way to find value in different players throughout the year.

Search For Value Bets

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Without finding value bets, it is hard to make money in tennis betting, or any kind of sports betting. While the expression may be that money makes the world go ’round, value bets make the tennis bettor’s world go ’round, or at least the successful ones. But how do you find value bets, and what do you do if nothing is jumping out at you as a value bet?

Well, to find a value bet, one must do a lot of researching. Sports betting is not easy, which is a theme that will become apparent here but can be very rewarding if you do it properly. Researching past results and current form for each player goes hand in hand with finding value bets. In this case, value bets are bets whose odds are favorable relative to the probability of the actual result taking place.

For example, say that two players have played 20 times in their careers, and each player had won 10 times, without any real recent advantages or advantages based on the surface being played on. If one of the players was at 1/2 odds, while the other was at 4/3 odds, the value would be on the player with 4/3 odds, because betting on them would pay out more than the 1/1 odds that have played out in reality between the two players.

Again, it is a lot of work to determine what the real life probability of a match result will be relative to the implied probability of the betting odds, but tennis betting is a lot of work. This cannot be repeated enough. Realistically, tennis bettors looking to make a long-term profit should really only place a bet when there is value to be had on one of the competitors in the match, as the whole point of tennis betting is to gain an advantage against the house.

Manage Your Money Wisely

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Even if you are able to intelligently find value on tennis matches routinely, that doesn’t mean anything if you are unable to turn that value finds into smart and responsible wages. Too often intelligent people will ruin their hard work by chasing a loss with a huge bet, which will lose and send their bankroll up in smoke. In order to truly have a successful tennis betting system, one has to implement sound money management practices.

It is recommended that bettors only risk 1-3% of their bankroll on a given bet, which is a great way to minimize the impact that variance can have on you. A bad bounce or an unlucky tiebreak to decide a set should not be what determines the fate of your entire bankroll, and that is what intelligent money management practices can prevent.

Viewing tennis betting as a business is a great way to inspire smart money management practices. If you owned a business, and you very well might, would you spend 10% or more of your total revenue in an advertising campaign in the hopes of boosting your sales in the future? No, you wouldn’t, because that would be extremely risky and could erase all of the hard work that you and your staff put in over the course of that year. The same mentality needs to be applied to your tennis betting, where short term risks can get in the way of long term profits.

There is no perfect tennis betting system out there. If there was, we would all use it, and nobody would ever lose any money betting on tennis. This would drive sportsbooks out of business pretty quickly. Instead of hoping to find a perfect tennis betting system, the best thing to do is to implement a system that goes well with your strengths as a bettor, and continues to keep in mind that finding value and managing money intelligently are the real keys to any successful tennis betting system. If you keep those two core principles in mind, you will be in a prime position to not only win bets but to win profit in the long term.